Things to keep in mind:

- Please view on desktop/laptop. Not everything coded into the comic is compatible with mobile.

- To go forward there will either be a link or a clickable image somewhere on the page.

- The comic doesn't end until you reach the END CREDITS.

- There are no clickable buttons to go back or save progress, so make sure you're done with each page before going forward.

- Make sure that audio autoplay on your browser is allowed. Most browsers tend to block it by default.

- Content may take a few seconds to load on each page, I suggest to be patient and not rush through the experience.

- If you have a monitor with a resolution larger than a standard 1080p, there is a chance that too many images may display side by side all at once. If this happens, zoom into the webpage until only one image appears at the time.

If anything doesn't seem to be working please notify me immediately! D: